Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time to Party, Peeps!

We're throwing a party for our blog

Sisters & Such is turning ONE

and we like you all to be a part of the celebration!

If you live a long way away and are not able to make it to our party-party,
we would love for you to send us a photo of yourself along with your
2-Cent Review

Feel free to be creative with your review, let us know your favourite post, something that made you laugh, or something you would like us to talk about....
For every review you readers submit we, the Sisters, will make a 2-cent* donation to the
Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission
(or as we've come to call it "Kelsey's Orphanage"
Make sure to give us your "2-cents" by end of day on May 5, and we'll let you know how much you readers have raised in our Friday, May 6 post.

If you live close by
you're invited to join us for the
Sisters & Such Experience: Live!

May 5, 2011 at 7:30 pm

Engineered Air Gazebo at Heritage Park
(where I first found out "we" had a blog)

We will unveil and administer the very first punishment for our blog,
(are you ready, Sister??)

Cupcakes will be served!

*monetary value of a "2-Cent Review" is actually $5.00


  1. Send all reviews and pictures to

  2. Happy Anniversary Sisters! I've enjoyed your blog this past year...great writing and fantastic photos. Thank you :)

  3. this post is so very late, but I still wanted to write something!

    I love reading the blog and from an early time have come on here once a week during my lunch break to see what has been happening in the lives of my two favourite valentines.

    Not only do I love the fashion part of the blogs, I also love the life realizations and the family comments from parents, etc. You two are very talented and have blessed us all with a small window into your lives. Thank you!