Monday, April 11, 2011

Music Monday - Skip the Charades

I realize this might be earth shattering for some,
but the honest to goodness truth is that
I don't really like Starbucks
I only keep going there - you see - because of this one redeeming quality


I'm a sucker for the albums they put on display at the till. I can't count the number of artists that have benefitted from my impulse purchase as I order a grande-vanilla-latte.

I've come to accept the fact that my cup of coffee at Starbucks costs me about $19.00.... easily justified with a mental note "free album with purchase!" and the thrill of unwrapping a brand new album.

The other music bonus at Starbucks is the "pick of the week"

So clever.

Every Tuesday Starbucks gives away one free song to their customers.
These little cards with their codes are a tiny little love letter from Starbucks to me!

I feel the love, but felt like I was busted for my habit when Skip the Charades by Cold War Kids was the pick of the week - as if Starbucks was saying...
"You just come here for the music, let's not pretend our relationship is anything more than that. Drop the charade of buying coffee and admit that you're just here to meet your next musical interest..." least I don't have to pretend anymore!
and I'm happy to introduce you to my most recent fling*

*it sounds best while sipping coffee ;)

Starbucks counter photo from here
Pick of the week photo from here

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