Friday, April 15, 2011


Can you feel it??
The buzz is in the air!
A sure sign that spring has arrived.... the playoffs are here!

As you know, I'm not really in to regular season hockey, but when the playoffs arrive and our brothers start growing "beards" I am all-in for our team!

Chant with me:
Here we go, Oilers, here we go!!!

oh wait...
Ah, that's right, not only did the Oilers not make the playoffs this year, but they also came in dead last in the league.
I suppose the only consolation at this point is that the Flames didn't make it into the playoffs either (mwahahahah...)

So what's a kid to do during spring playoffs when both the team you cheer for, and the team you cheer against are busy golfing?

It's time to pull out the
and help from the aunties & uncles
to invent the most epic Oilers vs Flames hockey game of all time....

It turns out that Lego hasn't quite caught on to making sports team sets, but that didn't stop us from building the entire Coliseum out of lego blocks. From this jumbotron view of the ice, you can see the fans in the stands, team boxes, penalty boxes, and the Zamboni
driven by none other than StarWars' star Chewbacca

Helmets are mandatory in the NHL, and with weapons instead of hockey sticks, it's a good thing!
There's even lights on the back of the nets!

Last minute addition of the "Away" and "Home" scoreboard.
See the little tiny puck in the middle of the ice?

At the start of the third period the game was still tied 0-0
Now we can cheer:
Here we go, Oilers, here we go!!!

See the "cameras"
they're little white 'eye' blocks on orange towers on the fan stands

YAY! The Oilers scored with a few moments left in the third period.
The teams shook hands to prove no hard feelings.

The owner, manager, mastermind was quite pleased with the teams performance.

Thank goodness our brothers won't be growing peachfuzz on their faces until this time next year!

*special thanks to Uncle Kevin for the finishing touches, playing the Flames team, a all the amazing photos!