Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Sister, as I write, you and I are having this discussion

(below is a paraphrase)

Ailen: (sigh...) I don't like my blog post.
Kelsey: I thought you planned out your posts for the next month
Ailen: ya... I changed my mind, and now I don't know what to write about.
Kelsey: Well.... you could write about this past weekend; the baby shower, Red Riding Hood, the hockey game, the bowling alley, the birthday party, the concert...your favourite children's book.... What are you writing? Are you just writing everything I've been saying???
Ailen: Keep talking...
Kelsey: could talk about your Art Final Exam on Thursday....
Ailen: ...shhhhhhh..... don't remind me....

Which reminds me...

I should be studying.
But writing my blog post is more important.
I know I'll regret not studying more.
But we reviewed the exam questions in class today, I'll ace it.
I really should focus for a few hours and at least review a couple of things.
....there's lots of time tomorrow.

I'm pretty good at arguing with myself.

Much like Rapunzel when she stepped foot on the ground for the first time...

...I'll be grounded too if I don't do well on my exam.
(sigh) I'm off to study.

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