Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Signs of Spring

I may be speaking prematurely here, but I am very excited for spring! I went home to our parent's house this past weekend and the yard was flowing with water making it's way up out of the frozen ground and down the hill to the ponds! I woke up to the sound of chickadees singing their song, and the sun already bright in the morning sky. People, I believe that spring has arrived!

I know that it is very dangerous to say such things living in Alberta, because usually there is at least one more winter storm that hits around mid-April. I however, cannot help myself from dreaming. I find that I am searching Google for gardens here in Calgary and impatiently awaiting the day they'll be open to the public. Or at least bloomed enough to go visit.

My favorite find so far has been The Lougheed Gardens located on the 2.8 acres of the Lougheed House grounds.

This year the theme for the gardens will be "Patchworks", and their aim is to make the gardens look like the patterns of log cabin quilts. Quite an endeavor I know! I for one, can't wait for the flowers to bloom!

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