Monday, April 18, 2011

Music Monday: Food Glorious Food

This one has been a long time coming! While I was on The Farm one of the other volunteers wanted to teach the kids the song "Food Glorious Food" from the Broadway musical Oliver! Nick got me to help a little with the conducting while he worked hard on getting the kids to memorize the words. Before he left (around the beginning of November) we taped a practice run, but the big performance and what all the hard work was for wouldn't take place until Danny arrived right before Christmas.

You see Danny is the person to know when it comes to theatre in Launceston Tasmania. His production of Oliver is set to go up later this year and in celebration of that "Food Glorious Food" was prepared as a surprise.

Now the most incredible achievement in my opinion is that Danny and Caitlin arrived at The Farm in the morning... we weren't able to perform it until AFTER lunch!!! This means that the children had to keep quiet! Something that is really hard to keep track of when there are so many of them. To their credit, THEY DID IT!!!!!! Our guest of honor had no idea, and I'm sure that this was a pretty good Christmas surprise for him. Therefore, here is a handful of the kids from The Strong Farm singing "Food Glorious Food"!

A big shout out to Nick, who was so passionate about organizing all of this, and to Shelma, for taking over the video camera for me when I had to use my hands to conduct :D

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