Friday, April 1, 2011

Favourites & Friends

Ask me what my favourite colour is.
I dare you.

Well since you asked.....

The truth is, it's taken me a long time to figure out that I don't have a favourite colour - I like all of them! My eyes need all the colours, and it's impossible, in my mind, to set one of them up on a pedestal over the others.

This thing about not picking favourites doesn't just apply to colours, but I have the same difficulty when it comes to picking any sort of favourite; movie, book, song, food, city, mountain, friend....

I've never had a "best friend" - I need all my friends! All of you that bring such amazing moments of heaven on earth to my life.

for all the moments I think of you....
....and the way those thoughts make it seem like you live closer
the feisty discussion over why you liked that author and I thought... meh.
when my random adventure ideas are greeted with "Okay! I'll come!"
when you left that voice mail message that still makes me laugh
for your expert know-how when making coffee
when you suggest a song you know I'll love!
for every day asking "how was your day?"
how lucky I am that you are my sister
for a meal or a moment shared
for your roaring laughter
for your wisdom
for your tears

I need you all.
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