Friday, April 8, 2011

Magic For Friday

One of my most favorite things in this world is the existence of books that open up whole new worlds that you get to create, with adventure, danger, romance, and of course... magic.

I'm a fan of almost every type of fiction novel, but for some reason the fantasy genre always holds the majority of my interest. Perhaps it is because of my imaginative, and creative personality, but I choose to believe that it is because of a deep rooted love that began when my parents would read The Chronicles of Narnia to me before bed time.

They did this with all four of their children (save Jordan apparently. Being a middle child, he claims he got skipped over half way through the series because of his little sister...), and I am ever grateful for their dedication to accomplishing this task.

I connect easily with Lucy. Being that she is the youngest in her family, basically has the same relationships with her siblings as I did growing up, and that she's always right, even no one else listens to her. Right siblings? ...Sorry, sometimes I'm a brat... Changing the subject! I hear that our parents had a few fights over who got to read at certain parts! It was a very competitive job.

Anyways, my point is this... I love magic. I love fantastical worlds. I love unsurmountable odds, strangers who turn out to be best friends, chases through thick forests, long-lost royalty, and the fact that good always wins. No. Matter. What.

It's part of what makes me relate to Lucy so well, we are both optimists. Call me nieve, an idealist, whatever! But I choose to believe that these 'fantastical' aspects are a part of the real world. And that beauty, gentleness, love, kindness... magic, all these things outweigh everything else.

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Bring a little bit of magic into someone else's day today.


  1. "And that's all I have of my faith really--just wanting to see some good things and maybe believe there's a bit of "magic" out there."
    - Jacqui Bonk
    Author, Theologian, Mother, Friend, Humourist, Student, Music and Wine Connoisseur ;)

  2. not going to lie--that just kind of made my day. And I love fantasy too. My dad told us that fish creek WAS narnia and the big rock by okotoks was the rock Aslan died on....I was pretty convinced it was all real for awhile....ok, still am:)