Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'll Just Use My ESP & No Map

So recently I was left to travel through the city of London, England at my own devices. I chose to venture into this unknown place instead of sit in Terminal 4 of the Heathrow airport for 7 hours.

The only problem was that I didn't know where I was supposed to go! I was aware that many fascinating sights bordered the Thames River, but where? I took my time trying to dissect the 'Tube' map, before I purchased my ticket. The only catch there? They don't put significant tourist sites on the underground subway maps! The teller suggested that I head up to Piccadilly and simply get an all day transit pass. I took his advice.

When I FINALLY got off at the Piccadilly station I saw these kinds of things:

I had no idea what I was looking at but found it lovely nonetheless. But I wanted to see the river. So I started walking south towards the Thames not knowing what streets would best take me there, or if I was headed the right way at all.

I came across this park:

...with this Narnia lantern:

And then suddenly, on the other side of this park, I found this golden gate:

I knew then that I had hit the jackpot! So I bought a hot chocolate and set myself to admiring Buckingham Palace:

Continuing from there I came across some other interesting sights:

But as I said, I wanted to see the river. I started to get nervous about not being back at the airport on time. I was all alone, without a reliable clock, and ready to give up when I came across a bridge over the Thames that presented me with this:


So that was fun! And from this bridge, I was able to see this:

Time well spent I'd say! But I am about to board a plane for Bombay, and I am running out of battery!

I only have one more thing to say, EVERYONE dresses well in London! So much colour, and texture, even the men simply look fabulous! But out of ALL of the options this girl was my favorite!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Reviving Summer - Part 4

Remember the Great Dress Crisis of 2010?
I managed to narrow it down to the two final options, but there are a few candidates that didn't quite make the cut....

These are all the photos I tried to send to you over the phone that didn't make it... Looking at them again now, I think the second one is my favorite... but I'm still happywith my final decision in the end.

Thanks for your help sister... I trust your opinion without question and thankfully (when technology works) you and I can still help each other make responsible fashion choices.

You're the best.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sleepless in Wherever

As a child I always thought it would be a very romantic thing to be unable to sleep, to have to get up for a midnight snack, or even risk an all-nighter! Alas here I sit, much too early in the morning without a wink of sleep. The feeling isn't as captivating as I have imagined it to be. Mostly it is simply irritating. Yet what am I supposed to do? My mind refuses to shut down. My body cannot relax. AND I NEED SLEEP!!!!

My solution so far? Listen to the same song on repeat, and work on a project until my eyes can no longer find the strength to stay apart.

My project for tonight? I am going to go through all of Padme/Queen Amidala's dresses and choose my favorites!

So we all know this dress. It is the quintessential Queen Amidala outfit. The unfortunate part is that for the rest of the movie it feels like the makers are trying to top this dress... and they do not succeed.

Like, what is THIS?? I mean really.
(Yes, I know these were inspired by actual outfits, but still!)

This dress I am OK with, and I'm not sure why... there is no good argument in favor of this dress...
I do really like the orange handmaiden dresses that fade to yellow!!!!

This dress is wonderfully fabulous, and feminine! It looks fantastic from the back and side, but I feel like they got lazy in the front with the non-frilly part. Which is disappointing.

What is going on here??? Let's take a closer look at the head dress...


(let us not forget that the first dress has an open back :0 !!!!)

Originally I didn't like the wedding dress. That was before I was able to appreciate the beauty of antique style. I now love it.

The only redeeming thing about this dress is the beautiful front panel...

Dominatrix much?? I MEAN COME ON GUYS!!!!

I love this. The hair, the dress lines... It is very suited to her job, and the professionalism that comes with being a Senator, as well as the joy of looking fabulous!

Some lovely nightgowns for the pretty little housewife :) She may not be happy, but at least she has wonderful clothes!!!!

Ok, so maybe I showed some of my least favorites as well! I think this is to be expected when going through Padme Amidala Skywaker's closet!

It's bed time for me.

P.S. I really like this picture:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reviving Summer - Part 3

Remember the time you and I were chatting while I was on vacation?
And how I told you that I'd take photos of where I was while we chatted?

Well.... TA-DA!!
Here's your special 360 view of where I was during that conversation.

*please take note of the line-up of shoes in the first photo
** please excuse the crazy-morning look in the last photo

Monday, September 20, 2010


So our Gramps died last Thrusday. After I found out I was listening to some music and I came across this line, in this song that I love. A song I have shared with my sister while drving through the Albertian countryside taking the long way home, just to listen to all the songs on a new mix CD.

"Grandfather weary soul you'l fly, over your life once more before you die. Since our Grandma passed away you've waited for forever and a day... just to die. Someday soon, you will die."

I love you Gramps, and I am glad that you lived the life you did. And I am glad you are with the only woman you ever loved.

The song: Blood by The Middle East

Friday, September 17, 2010

Reviving Summer - Part 2

Did I forget to mention that I went to Lilith?? In Minnesota???
Not the place I would immediately choose for my summer vacation, but with my musical DREAM TEAM playing, I couldn't resist a quick trip to the Twin Cities

The line up.


Kate Nash

Court Yard Hounds


... and of course Sarah.

Such and epic show.
And when I remember the summer of 2010, I will remember all of you talented women.