Monday, September 13, 2010

Reviving Summer - Part 1

Today marks the start of the very last week of summer.
This seems highly unfair considering that "summer" never arrived in Alberta, and we had 4 months of Monsoon season instead.

Rather than crying and complaining about the lack of warm days, I've decided to take advantage of these chilly, September days and reminisce about the good parts of what should have been summer.

So reaching way back into July I realized that I forgot to tell you, dear sister and readers that I actually got a second memento.

This piece of art by Canadian designer Lisa McEachern makes me want to cry.

Call me dramatic, but what I love so much about art is that it's about the emotion it evokes in an individual.

Ironically, I picked up this peice at Lilith Fair and mere moments after, the lovely and talented Sarah McLachlan made reference to mended hearts.

When I think of Summer 2010 I'm reminded that
hearts break, hearts mend.

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