Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saturday Night Kidnapping

All I knew heading into Red Deer last Saturday was that I was hoping to meet up with some good friends. Chapters at 4:00 p.m. was the designated meeting spot. I arrived on time, and waited until my friends came... I wasn't even sure who would be among them. As it turned out, all four of the friends who I was hoping to see were there.

After grabbing some coffee at the in-shop Starbucks, we had to go drop off one of our friends for her volunteer work that she was doing that evening. I had no idea what the plan was, and would occasionally ask something like "So what are we doing tonight anyways?" the reply was always mixed such as "Don't worry about it!" or "What do you want to do?". So the four of us that were left after we dropped off our one friend went and got food and drinks. We discovered a beautiful lounge downtown that I had no idea existed! If I had known before...

It was now time to go pick up our friend and get ready to go out dancing. We had to go to her house for a bit but once we got back into the car I was attacked! A blindfold was thrown around my eyes, and I was being told that we had a long drive ahead of us. I was too distracted with being blindfolded that I forgot to notice what directions we were turning. - Typically both my sister and I, and our brothers, are very good with directions, it was completely stressful to not even have a hint at what direction the car was headed! - I tried a few guesses, and then gave up. I desperately wanted to peek a few times, but I didn't. In the end we turned up the music, and I sat back to enjoy the ride as best I could. There would be no getting past these girls!

We arrived at our destination after 30 minutes of driving. My friends and kidnappers assisted me in getting into wherever it was that we were headed. After an extremely terrifying elevator ride and being told repeatedly "No, we aren't in a hotel Kelsey." the four culprits finally took off my blindfold to reveal a hotel room.

It took a awhile for me to adjust, I think that I had to lay down on the bed in the fetal position for a time... It turned out that we were still in Red Deer and the 30min. car ride was simply a tour around the city, giving my mind time imagine all the possibilities. We got ready for our night of dancing and headed out to another place I would've gone to more if I had known about it while living in Red Deer. The five of us danced our feet sore and our hearts high.

Before returning to the hotel room we stopped by Pizza 73. The best part about that? Free 9" cookie!

I love you girls so very much. Thanks for the wonderful last hurrah!


  1. Your earrings are fabulous!
    And I especially love the photo of you in the blindfold!

  2. oh my gosh!!!!!! this is EXACTLY what sarah and ebs did to me before i left for india!!!!!! they blindfolded me, made me very disorienteated with round about driving and revealed to me our hotel stay wiht a view of teh beach as well as the city lights! haha awesome :)

  3. Hey, I work for Pizza 73. Can we put that photo on our Facebook Page?

  4. Josh, Thank-you for requesting permission to use our photo. Please post your email on here and we will continue this conversation through those means.