Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back To School

Most educational facilities have been back into their true form for a few weeks now. The students have all returned, the new kids are finding their place, the teachers are giving out homework again, and the novelty of a new year is beginning to wear off, as the burden of assignments sets in.

This will be the first time that I have not returned to school in 15 years! It is quite exciting to be doing something different. To finally realize that the rest of the world is not controlled by the study program that consumes most of the year.

There is a kind of sadness that fills me however, when I see the children buying their new supplies for the upcoming year. I haven't gone through what binders I need to replace, if I need a new backpack, or what the cool pencils, or pens are this year. In fact I haven't even emptied out my binders and notebooks from last year! Maybe "sadness" isn't right... perhaps unsatisfied might be a better fit?

The business that emerges by going from blissful Summer evenings to the schedules of Autumn is a kind of comfort that says "Yes the world will continue to turn." I confess that it may take a few more years to get used to a different schedule. In all fairness though, I believe that this can be expected after 15 years of the same pattern!

In the meantime let us all try to cling to the memory of a wonderful summer. After all, we will be longing for it to return soon enough!

To all of you returning to school... have fun!!! ;)

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