Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cup Overflows

March. The month of the World Cricket finials, hosted in Calcutta this year. So of course the 2011 Almanac hat I've been following has this month as "Cup Overflows". I have no idea of what the cricket finals have been like and so I am going to focus on a different cup.

I forget that I am a truly blessed person. Like everyone else, I find it easier to focus on the negative. So at times, the best thing to do is count your blessings, and make a list of the things in your life that you're grateful for:

Being close to my family. Living with your sister has many benefits ;). And I know that a drive that takes over two hours, to see the majority of my family, doesn't really count as close. But I am able to visit all my brothers and sisters, nieces, nephew, and parents in one day, just by taking a drive! It's been a long time since I've been able to do that.

Old friends. The kind who just come over and spend the evening, with no expectations or demands. They just make living easy.

Music. Music, music, music. Old songs, new songs, fun songs, odd songs! I would be lost without music.

Books. One of my favorite secret activities is to go to the nearest bookstore and spend hours perusing the shelves.

The mountains. I can see them on my way to work. So close. So beautiful.

Technology. Skype has become a very useful tool for connecting with people far away.

Vancouver. Sweden. Banbassa. Winfield.

Wine. And cheese. A perfect evening.

Coffee. Free coffee is even better!

A good movie. One that captures the imagination.

Art, and artists...
Regina Spector, JRR Tolkien, Joni Mitchell, Dan Mangan, CKUA, Stuart McLean, Stan Rodgers, John Green, Gustav Klimpt, Cameron Crowe, Colin Firth, Rachel Mielke, Alfreda Holtkamp, Florence Welch, Matt Anderson, and everyone who strives to bring a bit more magic into the world.

Last but not least all of the people who bring magic into my life. Thank you. You are the reason that my 'cup overflows'. Not just this month, but my whole life. I love you.

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