Monday, March 21, 2011

Music Monday: Elizabethtown

As my sister has pointed out there are a lot of options for Music Monday's posts. I wasn't even sure who I would focus on this week until the movie Elizabethtown came on T.V.

I love this movie (sorry Em, it's true <3). It's one that both my sister an I return to every now and then just to bask in the sunlight of it. The composition, writing, and portrayal all work seamlessly together to create an incredibly touching story, and the soundtrack is the icing! Including such songs as:
It'll All Work Out, by Tom Petty
Io, by Helen Stellar
Come Pick Me Up, by Ryan Adams
...and one song that, after first watching to movie, I discovered our Dad knew every word of by heart. Our parents always say that their music started it all, that today's generation is taking music cues from their's. Well... actually how our parents say it is a bit different, it goes something like... "We had it first honey!"

Anyway I guess it's time I said it... Mom, Dad, you're right. I cannot count the number of songs I have "discovered" only to learn that you were already well aware of their existence.

The song that made it onto the soundtrack of Elizabethtown, as Orlando Bloom's character (Drew) begins his solitary road trip across the U.S.A, that Dad knew every word of is:

Let it All Hang Out, by The Hombres

"Sadness is easier because its surrender. I say make time to dance alone with one hand waving free." - Claire, Elizabethtown


  1. I'm not even lying to you when I say that this music compels tears.
    I cry every time I see the film, even though I know Susan Sarrandon is going to tap dance at her husband's funeral, I can't help but let the tears squish their way out.
    Classical conditioning in it's truest form, and the music is the dinner bell.

    Thank you, sister, for this very beautiful edition of 'Music Mondays'


  2. Ryan Adams. Pretty cool
    the funny thing about him is that he is always playing in Stockholm at the same time or right before Bryan Adams. isn't that weird...