Monday, March 28, 2011

Music Mondays - Double Dutch

May I just say that this has quickly become one of my most favourite things. Music Mondays is like a little encouraging smile a the start of the week.

The only problem with Music Mondays is having to pick just one musical discovery to share....

.... so today I'm deciding I get to pick two.

Lucky you :)

At the moment I have the lyrics from two Dutch singer/songwriters swirling around in my head - both competing for my "favourite" lyrics of all time.

good thing I don't subscribe to the notion of picking favourites*

Lyrical Dutch Genius #1
I know I've mentioned her a couple of times already, but ever since meeting Laura Jansen, I've been captivated by her melodies. This week I haven't been able to stop listening to "Single Girls"... it doesn't hurt that in the video below, every outfit she wears is way.... too... cute....

So in this song, I love the lines...

I'm reading books on meditation, praying for my heart's salvation.....
......and I've gone drinking with the guy down the hall,
put up a new colour on my bare wall
I'm so damn busy after all

Isn't the heartache palpable?? Talk about sinking into beautiful melancholy.

On a lighter note

Lyrical Dutch Genius #2
Now not only was I fortunate enough to meet Joal Kamps, we've also had the opportunity to hang out, and it quickly became apparent that his enthusiasm and imagination are powerful tools when it comes to painting pictures through melody.

This week, Bicycle Man captured my imagination... this one line goes

Put on the kettle and pull out that french press
I hope you're wearing that summer dress that I like best
Won't you spend your time with me?

Oh, the joy of innocent anticipation!

Sister, I know you missed most of it, but it has been a ridiculously long winter here and this song has offered me a little glimpse of hope that summer is on its way... c'mon summer!

Together, these songs are like book ends.
The beginning, and the end.
A perfect pair as my two favourites from two amazing artists, that (I hope) capture your imagination and make this Monday a little easier to get through...

Who knew the Dutch were such song writing titans??

*tune in to Friday's post for more on this issue.
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