Friday, March 11, 2011


I have this fear of being unable to create original sketches. For some reason this is limited to my creative drawing skills. As if I would somehow erase my own imagination if I didn't spend enough time developing it. I feel like I take inspiration from everything around me, but somehow the act of coping a picuture and turning it into a drawing, even if it is only to get the correct shape of a body part, seems to scrape away at my own legitimacy.

Thankfully my time spent traveling allowed me to create. Something that I haven't had the space to do in what seems like a very long time. At times I did copy reality...

Other times I took inspiration from concrete ideas, like songs...

And other times, perhaps the most rewarding times even if they weren't the most successful, I was able to create in and of myself...

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  1. Kelsey, sister.
    Your artwork is always beautiful, and I'm so lucky to have so many of your pieces in my (our) house!

    Can you post your recent self portraits??