Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Someone Like You

On Sunday, I had the unique and surprising pleasure of meeting and hearing

I had gone to a concert to see Joshua Radin, and Laura was the opening act.

She is a tiny woman, but her voice is mighty.

And from the moment she started her set - just her and her piano - the audience was captivated.

I have never been to a concert where the audience was so silent during a performer's set.

I wasn't prepared enough to capture this entire song, but here's the bit I snagged to share with the rest of you....

By pure luck I got to meet Laura afterwards (now I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture with her). She is such a gracious entertainer. I mentioned how strange I thought the audience's reaction to her was and she said she could feel the heaviness settle in... in a good way. It was as if they (we) were all spellbound.

My friend and I were munching on popcorn while we chatted with Laura and before she dashed off, she asked if she could sang some of our snack. Of course we said "ya, for sure"

She took ONE kernel!

No wonder she's so tiny.

She truly is lovely and amazing... go take a tumble down the rabbit hole of her music

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