Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The World as an Oyster

Our Mum has this technique, I guess you would call it, of getting us to figure out what we want to eat when we really have no idea. She will say something close to this,
I want you to close or eyes and think about what you would like if you could have exactly what you wanted. It can be anything at all! What do you want right now?
And wonder of wonders, like all mother's tricks the world over, it works. With food. I only wish it worked for everything else as well. My sister understands this I know... The desire to be able to form the next stage of your life, and then have it materialize in front of you. Oh that life were just that easy.

Regardless I find myself, two nights in a row, closing my eyes and picking an imaginary journey for myself. At the moment, this has led me to Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe.

Photo from here

Photo from here Photo from here

Photo from here
First introduced to me by my wonderful high school art teacher, and present day friend Kerri Colwell, Victoria Falls has ever since captivated my imagination. The fact that one may, not only sit in the swimming hole (aptly named "Devil's Pool", photo #2), but also rest on the edge of it without falling into the abyss bellow, simply blows my mind! Can you even imagine what that moment would feel like? To be secured before a precipice, with rushing water cascading downwards creating deafening thunder all around you! To be caught between what is, and what could be: the possibility of falling, and the joy of staying.

So what is your answer? If you closed your eyes right now and could choose any option for the next step in your life, anything at all, what would it be? Me, I'm still stuck between what is, and what could be.


  1. SItting in a verdant forest, dappled with by the sun and shade.

  2. I'd love to be sitting down in Goldeneye, soaking up the bits of Fleming that I could garner...oh and also the nice Jamacian weather too.