Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Celebrate Culture

On the first leg of my journey home I was on a flight traveling from Hyderabad to Mumbai. Sitting in my TVless seat I found myself flipping through the pages of the most recent edition of Jet Airways' in flight magazine "JetWings". It was in these pages where I discovered their version of the perfect 2011 Almanac. As I skimmed though it I found myself compelled by each heading for the next month.

January- Celebrate Culture
Febuary- Get a Winter High
March- Cup Overflows
April- Care For the Planet
May- One For the kids
June- Head For the Himalayas
July- Let it Rain
August- Explore Heritage
September- Hit the Road
October- Shop Smart
November- Into the Wild
December- Follow the Music

The article was directed to the standard young East Indian family, the parents and 2.5 kids, and their adventures around Incredible India! Yet I have decided to follow this in 2011. No, I probably won't be back to India this year, and I don't necessarily remember what was said under each heading, but I am going to take each heading for the month and incorporate it somehow into my life (you're welcome to join). Starting with January of course! ;)

Celebrate Culture
What an appropriate topic for the month that just went by! Being back home is great. I didn't expect that. I had expected to be frustrated, and anxious, mad at the world for all of the inequality in it and furious with myself for not being able to do anything about it. But I'm not. I love India, the people, the noise, the dust and traffic, the many different landscapes, and all the different cultures mixed into one country... I also love Canada. The wide open space and the way I can see all the way to the horizon without being interrupted by smog. The bitting cold outside, and the piles of snow, the way the people are courteous to one another, and the warmth of being close to old friends, and loving family. Aside from being a bit guilty when eating onions, being back in Canada feels completely normal, as if I never left. And that seems strange to me. I suppose that is the best outcome in this scenario. It allows me to celebrate both cultures of India and Canada at the same time.

For more on the Indian onion crisis take a look at this article from the Globe and Mail.

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  1. THis is Mama: Thanks for including the Globe & Mail Link. I now know more about onions & India than I'd ever thought I'd like to know!