Monday, February 21, 2011

The Assembly Line & The Aftermath

Seeing as I have been out of the country from September to January my car has been parked at my parents home waiting for my safe return. Over the winter months my small Toyota Corolla has suffered the steady abuse of snow, and more snow... and more snow. So Saturday was the assigned day for getting my car out. The first task I took on was to dig a trench the size of my shovel scoop all the around my car, and take off the majority of snow on top of my car.
Everything else required quite a bit of maneuvering. The tractor needed to get close enough to car... that we could hook it up...
...but since the ground was icy under the snow, we needed to hook the truck up to the tractor so that it wouldn't spin out...

...the assembly line and the aftermath... engine was a tad bit frozen...

...but with a new battery, it'll be just fine!

Happy Family Day everyone! Don't forget to enjoy the people closest to you on this day, and have fun!

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  1. You forgot to explain that the bale on the tractor was for adding traction to the tractor!