Friday, February 18, 2011

Things We Say: Just in Cases

It might actually be the loveliest scene in Love Actually.
I've seen the film about two dozen times (although "seen" might be an exaggeration since it's one of those comfort-films that I put on in the background for white noise when I'm puttering around the house).

Without fail. No matter how distracted I may be baking in the kitchen, or chatting with company there is this one scene that always makes me pause. And - without fail - I catch myself beaming like an idiot through the entire five minutes.

Jamie & Aurelia are the cutest couple in the whole movie and, another blogger, Lindsey over on Character Flaw describes their best scene like this....

"Because of a language barrier, they never had an actual conversation until he proposed to her, yet they still had wonderful chemistry in every scene. We knew what they both were saying and could see how perfectly matched they were, but they knew in a more instinctual way, which is what I found so beautiful about their love. They didn’t need words. They just knew. They spoke each other’s language on a deeper level."

Watch it here

Jamie: You learned English.
Aurelia: Just in cases.

*photo taken from here

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