Friday, February 11, 2011

Clothes, Boots, and Concerts

Is there any better way to experience a holiday than topping it off with some shopping? I think not. And as my (our... sorry people I never know what to use here...) mother is the Queen of finding great bargains, and since she is the one who pays, why not have a bit of relaxing vacation fun?

A casual white button up/ green scarf/ black knitted floppy toque- consigned, and a long black button-up and ruffled tunic- local purchase

Hippie patterned orange dress, and pink rose-bud top- both consigned.

I was quite happy with all of these purchases, and with the great consignment store we found them in. Yet it wasn't until I went to go put on my old winter boots, that I discovered a purchase that I NEEDED to make, and soon!

First bought at the Salvation Army in Leduc five years ago, these boots have served me well. But when they got a little too warm over top of the heat register the soles became disconnected with rest of the boot!!! This left me with not but my heels...

Now I love these boots, but they are not the most ideal footwear for walking around the frozen landscape of the Columbia Valley! This made finding new winter boots a necessity. After searching every shop imaginable, I finally settled on insulated rubbers from BOGS.

The last significant purchase made was of this simple t-shirt.

"Jill Hagen Band, ruined for the ordinary."

Jill is an extraordinary woman, and a great family friend. She is the Artist in Residence for Venture Teams International, has released two albums and shares her ministry and passion for Christ through her music and tours. When my parents and I arrived in Fairmont at the beginning of last week we had no idea that Jill and the band were going to be playing in the same area Thursday night. Thankfully there was a article in the local paper annoucing the concert.

Mom, Jill, and Kelsey after the concert.

Check out her music, ministry and website!

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