Monday, January 31, 2011

Things We Say: Cool

She's ba-aaack!

Even though the winter weather here has been awful since Friday, this has been one of the happiest weekends I've (we've?) had in a long time.

I am so pleased to have welcomed Kelsey Kathleen back to Canada after her five month journey through India.

We've only had a couple of days to catch up, but one thing we noticed right away is that we haven't lost our ability to
finish each other's sentences,
say the same thing at the same time with identical inflection,
and we still use the same inside joke expressions.

In the spirt of generosity, I'm letting you in - dear readers - on one or two expressions that are a part of our sister language.

While the word "cool" is no longer cool at all, we still use it. But when we say "cool" it comes out sounding more like "coo..." and to the trick to pulling it off flawlessly is to think of the most adorable thing and then say the word with the intention of professing a endearing solidarity.

The word is only ever a one word sentence. You can't say "Oh that's so coo!" or "Wasn't it coo when...?"

"Coo..." stands alone.
But the other person is always allowed to echo "coo..."

It's not really an answer to a question as much as it is an affirmation. So for example, Kelsey might say "Hey Sister, I'm really jet-lagged. I'm going to go to bed. I'll see you in the morning." And then I'd say "Coo..." and then she'd say "coo..."

But you have to nod a little, like you're giving a mini "yes" nod gesture. Usually only one nod with your chin tucking slightly towards your chest (try it out a few times for practice).

Got it?

Credit for the invention of this expression goes to the crazy and talented Kate Nash and her song "Birds" .....
wait till the end.... you'll hear her say it.....
and you'll get lots of ideas for adorable thoughts from the animation...

We don't mind if you start using it.

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