Friday, January 21, 2011

Tiny Miracles

I am thankful for the tiny miracles of the:


that have allowed me to talk to my sister these past 5 months while she's been in India, and I'm in Canada.

I'm also thankful for the tiny miraculous invention of the telephone that allowed mom & dad to join in on our sisters conversation last week.

This is a photo of

Mom, yelling in the background to
Dad, who's jabbering as fast as possible to
Me, who's transcribing what both of them are saying so that
Kelsey can feel like she's right at home with all of us!

sorry for the blurr... I wanted to capture this moment - a conversational miracle.


  1. This is the benefit of technology - we can chat with our loved ones across oceans!

  2. This is mama. We were trying to book Kelsey train tickets so she could travel through India for the next week. She couldn't book them herself, because the trip company wouldn't accept her credit card. But her cell phone wasn't working- for some reason we could call her, we could hear her, but she couldn't hear us! "Do you REALLY want the trip from Hyderabad to Hubli that travels through the night and has 39 stops?" Anyway, Ailen helped us out, relaying confirmation that Kelsey really DID want the trip from Hyderabad to Hubli with 39 stops. Return, 78 stops over 36 hours.