Friday, January 7, 2011

Bring It.

Sorry to do this to you, Sister.

Dear Readers,
We had the very first violation of our blog Rules on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 (articles #3 & #8 respectively) when Kelsey didn't post on her designated day until 1:01 am on Thursday January 6, 2011.

According to the rules, Kelsey must now receive a punishment.

We are inviting all of our readers to submit suggestions for what her punishment should be, so please leave your suggestions for painful, tedious, or mildly embarrassing punishments in the comments below. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: suggestions should still be family friendly, according to article #9 in the rules.

Together as sisters, we will agree on which punishment she must complete.


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  1. I think Kelsey should have to do an additional post! (love, Mama)

  2. Common' more challenging than that!

  3. I would've actually thought that that shot of the Himilayas that you posted would earn you Sister's & Such credit to far make up for any delay in posting! (As in, no punishment necessary.) But the "do an extra posting" is a classic way that we teachers would have of dealing with a late assignment.... Mama

  4. I suggest a long and tedious, painful punishment. I think that, before you leave the Farm, you should have every child pluck a single eyebrow hair from your face...

    yes, I know how vain you are about your eyebrows, but in the vacuum of other painful and slightly embarrassing suggestions from our readers, I think this an acceptable suggestion.


  5. ...yeah but I don't like that one... I mean I don't want to give the control of my eyebrows over to 1. the nursery kids or 2. any of the boys on the farm!

    What if I had to eat something funcky... something like that?
    or.... give stuff out to the kids while dressed in something weird, or get the nursery kids to do my make-up and wear it all day, or sing an apology song in front of everyone... I DON'T KNOW!!