Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Rules

Seeing as we will soon be starting a new year, I think it's about time we explain the rules of our Sisters & Such blog.

There are two sisters who contribute to this blog and here's how it works:

1) Postings go up three times a week; Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
2) The author of the post always alternates between sisters.
3) If a sister misses posting on their designated day they receive a punishment.
4) Punishments can be nominated by readers.
5) Additional posts or "emergency" posts are aways permitted, but do not disrupt the regular post schedule.
6) Grace is not given for travel or birthdays or holidays. A sister must always post.
7) If there are minor technical difficulties, a sister may receive help from the other sister without punishment.
8) The deadline for posting is midnight on the day of the post, but the preferred time for posting is 9:00 am (Mountain Standard/Daylight Time).
9) There are no restrictions on the content of a post (it just has to be family friendly).
10) ... I don't think there are any other rules. Sister?

We look forward to sharing this next year of blogging with you!
Much love,
The Sisters.

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