Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh Topics...

I think that it has been about time I talk about Indian fashion. First off, I am a fan. The suits are super comfortable and you never have to fear showing up at a function wearing the same thing as someone else. I am guessing most of you have seen my first two suit that I purchased in Hyderabad,


and Formal (pants are in my facebook profile picture):

I was given one more suit by a very generous Indian couple who visited the farm... picture is coming. And of course there have been Saris:

The one for the wedding, borrowed from Auntie Elsie:

My own purchased for the Christmas concert:

and one borrowed from Filly for Christmas Eve (probably my favorite):

It has been wonderful to wear these clothes and mix and match to my desires. Occasionally the patterns that are worn by people here, or the amount of frills on a small girl's dress are well... shocking. But somehow it works in this country. Although I love the clothing, and even though being here has been a huge inspiration for me as a designer, I got to wear jeans on Sunday. It has been three months since I have worn jeans. They. Feel. So. Freaking. Fan. Tastic!

There is a young woman here from Austrailia for a week named Caitlin. She's the same size as me and let me borrow her dark, mid-rise, skinnys. Love. I couldn't stop rubbing my hands on them amazed by the feeling. By the end of the day Caitlin gave me the jeans. It was a pretty great Christmas present. And I matched Priscilla.

I love this woman and thought matching her as pretty awesome.

Now I'm changing the topic:

So it has been a VERY long time since I have had a tall cool glass of 2% milk. And I miss it a lot. Milk is my favorite! It is saved for cooking here, and it doesn't taste the same. I simply cannot bare the fact that milk glasses and cookies were laid out for Santa last week and he got them all!!!

Anyways, I hope all of you got what you wanted for Christmas. Mine was great full of life and colour and laughter. I'm sure yours was as well. Truthfully, contrary to my sister's last post I missed the darkness of Canada. How outside everything is cold and distant making everything inside bright, warm, and close.

love you,


  1. I LOVE this blog! indian fashion is THE best!!!! true there are some shockers, but hey, thats indiaaaaaa! i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the sari you purchsed for yourself, it is FANTASTIC i LOVE the bright colour. that is my biggest regret actualy, leaving India without a sari. what an idiot i am! especialy when i could have looked as hot (well, never AS hot, but maybe a fraction as hot) as you do!!!!!!!! love you girly, miss having you to chat with daily :)_ and i LOVE that you got jeans!!!!! still waiting for that pleasure myself :P xoxox

  2. I agree with Lauren, Kel. You look super hot in your pink sari!!
    LOVE it :)