Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas is Coming

...and is very nearly on us! Tomorrow (5:00am Canada time) is the Maxton Strong School Function. I have been significantly involved in this production from teaching dance and organizing children back stage to helping write the script for the MC.
Rochelle (a typical girly-girl) is going to be a great Mistress of Ceremonies.

I've really enjoyed getting into production time. I suppose that's the natural performer in me, but I thrive on the business that comes right before a show. Even as a small girl at dance competitions, it would be the adrenaline filled, butterflies in the stomach, moment right before stepping on stage that was always the best part. So that's kind of what I'm feeling like these days, but on top of that comes the joy of being the director (of sorts... more on that later). Thanks to Mr. Wheeler and 'Back to the 80's' I first experienced this in grade 12, and there isn't really anything like it. It's a feeling of pride, but a completely selfless pride. Hard to explain... I imagine that it would be a smaller version of when your baby walks for the first time. Sure you tried to encourage your child to walk, to build up the muscles in their legs, find their balance... but really they are the ones walking, and it has very little to do with you.

These kids are ready. They have little quirks here and there, but they will perform wonderfully on Saturday. In previous weeks I felt a lot like my dance teacher, Ms. Joanne while she would be trying to perfect the last bits of our Musical Theatre number in the weeks leading up to competition time. She would threaten to cut our dance completely, and spend a whole practice on one move, because if it wasn't perfect it was horrible. I imagine she continues to do this today, and Ms. Joanne thank-you for being the wonderful teacher you are, I can't imagine that I would've been able to handle some of these dances if not for your example. So yes, I also have threatened to cut dances completely, and spent whole practices on one move, because if it wasn't perfect it was horrible. ...Don't let the kids know, but I am very excited. I have full confidence that they will be fantastic!

What is this post about? Oh Yeah! Christmas is coming. Right so that's the bit about the concert, what else?

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but Uncle Rick plays music to wake us up in the morning. It is quite wonderful, and I love it. Since about the beginning of December he has been playing Christmas music! Most of you are probably thinking "Well, geeze don't get so excited Kelsey they've been playing Christmas music in all the stores since Thanksgiving!" but in a place so completely different from what I've always known, Christmas music is happily received on my end. In fact on Wednesday night the Hostel Boys here on the Farm decided to spread some Christmas cheer by caroling. They walked the 200m from their dorm to the office, and sang so loudly that I could hear them in my room at the back of the Small Girl's side (another 100m away). All of us ran to see what was going on and I was quick enough to grab my camera on the way.
They stayed out for an hour journeying to local homes in the area spreading cheer.

I've been teaching the Small Girls the "Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat..." song. I reckon most of you won't know it, but my Mum will. As will anyone who has ever been in one of her music classes at Christmas time. The girls love it though and think the lyrics are fantastic (ask Mum to teach you if you don't know them)!

There are a group of girls working on decorating the dinning hall, and church house. Haven't seen the end result yet but from the few things that have been put up it will look absolutely fabulous. I will keep you posted on that progress and load pictures when I can.

In this time of joy there has been some tragedy. Last Sunday the mother of three of the kids living on the Farm died from burns she had received by her husband's hand... something that happens far too often in this country. It has been heavy in the Farm, but the kids,

Jemmica, Jackie, and Jessica
...have all taken it surprisingly well. They are all wonderful, and each of them are in a dance of mine. Please pray for them. None of us can know how this may affect their mindset in the future. Bitterness and anger are both powerful emotions. Let us pray that they will be able to forgive instead. It is, after all, the season that we remember the person who came into the world to teach that forgiveness is available for ALL people. Not just a chosen few. A pretty awesome message if you ask me.

So yeah, Christmas is coming and I'm really excited about it. It'll be much different from what I have known in the past, in the sense that my surroundings have changed. But in other ways... the excitement, the gifts, lights, songs, performances and story... it'll be exactly the same.


  1. I follow you now cuz your amazing and awesome and b-e-a-utiful and creative and everything you do is amazing! I love you forever and always Kels wish i could come spend a day with you.

    Love Jennaaaaaaaa!!!

  2. Sister. I am so excited for the Christmas concert! I wish I could be there :)
    I know all your hard work will be worth every challenging moment, and you'll have given the kids an experience they'll remember for their lifetime.

    I love you!

  3. Good luck with your concert, i am so honoured to have been mentioned and to know that you are using the tricks you saw and heard me do.....Love you Kels. have a Merry Christmas xx

    Miss Joanne