Monday, December 6, 2010

December Challenge #2 - Every Step

Here's a peek into a Sunday afternoon adventure with some of the kids from the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission.

My favourite part is when Kelsey asks Lauren "Lauren, did you walk?"
Lauren's reply, "Every step."

She says it with such peace and quiet confidence, it kinda makes me think that she's not just replying to the question about walking across the river, but that she's talking about life.... sinking down into the long and challenging journey of life - deliberately taking "every step" forward.

... and now for some frivolity.

Birthday 2010
I have a very special birthday buddy who I get to celebrate with every year.
Her kids are so much fun, and I can always look forward to a lively visit with lots of laughs....

Luke keeps us all on our toes - recently I learned all about the Bakugan! phenomenon from Mr. Luke

Kate is most pleasant company and could easily school me on everything related to horseback riding... Western or English style. She's the expert.

... and finally my birthday buddy, Karen. I am so honoured to get to share my birthday with such an inspiring woman.

Kate inspired us all with her rendition of "Happy Birthday" from the top of the van...

...I wish I had it on video.

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