Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Tragedy struck me last spring when my computer crashed taking with it my 42day long music library. (For those of you who are wondering... Yes this still makes me sad.) I continue to build a new and better version of my previous playlist, but I still have a long way to go. My current library is 3 days long and consists mainly of James Bond audio books (thank-you Dustin Lawrence).

Anyways, because of this I have been extremely reluctant to take part in the Facebook playlist game... something I would have jumped on without hesitating a year ago. Therefore I decided to cheat a little and move it from FB to here... hey I started this blog, I can do what I want! Right sister? ...Pleeeease?
I'll just do it and you can tell me if you approve afterwards.

So I have taken two of my playlists; Great Songs, and India Favorites, and complied them into one, adding a few more tracks to fill in the gaps, making a 80 song long playlist with no artist repeats. HERE WE GO!

Music Sharing Exercise :)

Only rule: be honest! Don't keep shuffling forward for "cooler" songs. Once you've been tagged...

(1) Turn on your MP3 player/Ipod or music player on your computer.
(2) Go to SHUFFLE mode.
(3) Write down the first 25 songs that come up - title and artist.
(4) Share :)
NO editing/cheating, please. (...right...)

1. Set The Fire To The 3rd Bar - Snow Patrol (ft. Martha Wainwright)
2. Nicest Thing - Kate Nash
3. Help I'm Alive - Metric
4. Sodom S. Georgia - Iron & Wine
5. Blue Lips - Regina Spektor
6. Next In Line - Meese
7. Where Does The Good Go? - Tegan & Sarah
8. The Devil's Tears/Old Friend - Angus & Julia Stone
9. Stupid - Sarah McLachlan
10. Show Me What I'm Looking For - Carolina Liar
11. One Day Like This - Elbow
12. (The Symphony of) Blase - Amberlin
13. Clean Getaway - Maria Taylor
14. Swallowed In The Sea - Coldplay
15. Revelry - Kings of Leon
16. Be There - Lindsay Jane
17. Never Again - Midway State
18. Blow Away - A Fine Frenzy
19. Heavy In Your Arms - Florence + The Machine
20. So Gone Now - Matt Anderson
21. Sideways - Citizen Cope
22. I'm Running - Mistress Barbra
23. Freshmen - The Verve Pipe
24. Ruby Blue - Roisin Murphy
25. Permanent - David Cook

And there it is! Not very dynamic at this point but an awesome group of songs! My sister is probably mad at me for cheating right now... I didn't do that much manipulating, honest! Most of the above songs came from one of the two bigger playlists, and I didn't go through each of those tracks because that would've MAJOR cheating. If I had really been cheating then the two songs I'd wanted to come up would have!!! But they didn't so I'm innocent. HAHA! ...

How about this: I promise to re-due this activity in one year's time as my post closest to December 8th 2011, IF we are still blogging :) Deal?

Oh and here's a picture of me with some orphan children eating chocolate, just in case my sister was still mad at me ;)


  1. raymonddddddddd i miss him :(

    was dannie just being naighty and staying home from school again? ause hes with all the stay home kids :P xo

  2. Aw! I don't think you cheated :)
    I think you have some very good songs on this list, and many of them brought back excellent memories for me!
    Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to your next-year's list... of course we'll still be blogging...

  3. Aww you are perfectly welcome Kel for my addition to your music library!!!

    Im glad that I contributed to your music library (and I need to let you borrow the BBC audiobooks of The Lord of the Rings...theyre amazing).

    I hope that you added the Vinyl Cafe cd's that I gave you last Christmas on there..because nothing says Christmas like listening to "Dave cooks the Turkey"

  4. Yeah Lauren, I don't remember what time of the day this was at... it could've been before school. But there were a few days in there when he was "sick"...