Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Challenge

Dear Readers,
I have a confession to make.
The other night Kelsey and I were skyping, catching up on all the things you don't get to see in our blog posts (some things are still kept secret between sisters ;)

While we were talking it occurred to me that not only are we...
in almost exact opposite time zones (11.5 hours)
on almost the exactly opposite side of the world (well, sort of)


my next scheduled blog post is about the EXACT OPPOSITE as what you can get from Kelsey's last blogpost!

And when you're the sister that's writing about fashion and foolishness, it's humbling to try and put that post next to the other sister's post that oozes of simplicity and selflessness.... but I recognize that, well, this is just where we're at right now; opposite sides of all kinds of things.
And sometimes opposite existences are still complimentary.

So, Kelsey doesn't know that I'm doing this, but for all of my December blogposts, I'll be reminding you all to check in on the orphanage where she's living & working; the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, check out some of the things they're working on, get to know some of the children's stories, see some of the adventures Kelsey has been on, and to hopefully make the world seem a little smaller...

But don't worry. I'll still continue to post completely frivolous tid-bits....

Fall Fashion Week 2010.

While I'm sure the clothes were great, we couldn't help but own the catwalk....

Thanks to the professionals for sharing....

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