Monday, November 29, 2010


Okay so as I have been a bit lax in my news lately this is a post to tell you all that I have been doing between other posts and the lack of new Facebook photo albums.

So three weeks ago Lauren left to go to Nepal... For all those who don't know, Lauren was at the Farm when I got here and she is in most of the videos on my youtube accounts... currently she is roaming somewhere in Europe. We wish her well and a safe journey!

Just after she left we had Chaze and Maridiza come for a short while.I went with them to a fire look-out place with Filly, and Eugene George (yes, their last name is George, and therefore Eugene is George of the jungle!).A few days later a group of seven came from Australia. John and Sarah, veteran volunteers here at the Farm brought out a group from their church in Tasmania. These seven are the ones who you can see at the wedding.
Chrissy loved to throw parties for the kids, and she was always baking cakes for birthdays!
Party (above), Chrissy with Dora & Katherine (below)
Chrissy's daughter Phoebe spent everyday in 10th class. More time than she spends in school back home :)

Pheobe with Maya & Caris

There is a theatre director from Launceston Aus. who comes out every Christmas. In preparation for his arrival Nick, Sarah and I taught the kids the song "Food, Glorious Food" from Oliver.

Nick being a girl (above), Me conducting (below)

Janet, Gabby, and Sarah worked on redoing one of the girl's rooms!
Gabby with Uncle John, Cynthia, Gale & Kushboo (B-F)Janet with Naresh & Amir (R-L)

Last week Chrissy, Phoebe, Nick, Gabby, and Janet went back home. I don't think anyone left without tears in their eyes. But Uncle John and Auntie Sarah are still here and will be untill Jan. They have spent Christmas here on the Farm for the past five years, & all the kids love them!

Right now I am continuing to teach the kids dance for the Christmas program (everyone knows that right?).
The 4th class girls in "Draw Me Close To You"

Once Nick sends the music via email, we will go back to doing regular Oliver practices as well as teaching "Consider Yourself". I am in the middle of wrapping over 300 Christmas presents (thankfully not by myself), and I spend some of my mornings re-organizing the bookshelves here. Maybe we will be able to create a full out library??? Here's to hoping!

What other news? One of the smallest kids Raymond (3) is really sick right now with fever and sores in his mouth. Today he ate one bowl of porridge. Poor guy.
Raymond & big brother Kevin... I did their hair!

Cynthia who is 3 keeps us all entertained with her endless dancing skills.
"So I put my hands up, they're playing my song, the butterfly's fly away!"

I used to take the kids for walks but my schedule has been full of late. Today was the first time in about 2.5 weeks that we were able to go. I have offically decided to stay here for Christmas. It would simply be foolish to do anything different when I love it here so much. Hopefully they don't get sick of me :)

Maybe its the close proximity to kids everyday, or maybe it is because I keep myself so busy, but I am feeling a bit sick right now. Hopefully this doesn't interfere with the relationships I've formed with the kids, and I pray that I get back to full strength soon. Being sick sucks, as we all know, and the reason for it is probably a combination of both things I've said above.

As winter comes the days here get foggy and I can no longer see the mountains from my bedroom window in the morning... or from anywhere else on the farm at any other time of day! But I love rainy-type days so the foggy mist stuff doesn't really bother me.

Some extra tid bits: We all eat sugarcane this time of year...
...I'm still learning. (like my zits? Yeah... me too!)

As well, here are some snap shots of the Harvest... old news now but still cool to see.
Stay tuned on Facebook for more pictures. I hope to get some up this week! We'll see how the internet is going...


  1. Thank you, Sister, for this amazing update! It's amazing to see all the things going on at the GSAM and with you! I LOVE the photo of you "conducting" ;)

    Love to you sister!