Monday, November 1, 2010


So Cricket is a game that captivates the entire nation of India. Everyone here loves it, and being a guest in this country I thought that I should learn the rules. I thought that it was going to be terrible, but it's actually not that bad!

Sooooo think of baseball. That game is played in a square format... for our purposes let's call this 2D. Whereas cricket is played in 3D. Okay so both the pitcher and the batter are in the middle of the field. Once hitting the ball, the batter has to run back and forth between wickets as many times as possible before the people in the outfield get the ball and throw it back to the pitcher. Simple right?

Okay so there are two circles around the field. If the batter can hit the ball past the first circle he automatically gets 4 runs. If he hits it past the second circle he automatically get 6 runs.

...Right. So just like baseball, one team bats first and then the next team bats. The goal is to get as many runs as possible within the least amount of balls thrown. Now I'm a bit sketchy on the next part but I think it works like this: Each player bats. They are allowed to keep batting for as long as they stay in. The way they get out is if the pitcher throws the ball and it hits the wickets set up behind the batter. So once all the players on one team get out THEN it switches to the next team. And they have to get more runs in just as many ball throws as the previous team in order to win.

GET IT????

It is actually quite fun to watch on TV... unlike baseball ;)

I actually had the pleasure of watching the GSAM school cricket match this past Saturday. I still don't understand the game...

I posted a few videos on my Youtube channel of the action. Check it out!!!!!


  1. ah, Sister! I always wondered how to play the game! And ever since I knew the game existed I always thought I'd put my kids in Cricket rather than hockey. Too bad I'm not going to have any kids ;)

  2. My brain asploded during the second paragraph.

  3. sorry to hear about your brain, Ashton. That's gotta suck... ;)