Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Genes

I know I might be giving away my age here, but for nine long years I didn't have a sister.

For those nine long years, the closest thing I had to a sister was three girl cousins who lived a long, long way away. I didn't get to see these cousins often enough, so when I was in grade two (7 years old), I decided that I was going to save enough money to buy my own plane ticket to go and see these cousins.

After six months of depositing quarters in my piggy bank (I'm sure I was oblivious to exactly how many quarters it would take) my parents took pity on me and purchased my plane ticket.

I got to spend one glorious week surrounded by these three beautiful cousins who were all my age and who were the closest I thought I would ever get to having real sisters. Hanging out with them I experienced all kinds of wonderful things like playing cards (Cheat to be exact) in the early mornings or learning to ride a bike for the very first time!

They truly are like sisters.

And from a scientific perspective they are technically half-sisters to me and my sister.
Our dads are identical twins you see... and I'd say we all have good genes...


  1. Love, love LOVE!
    so much love. maybe my new favorite post?

  2. this is Mama: when I was going through pictures for scrapbooking, I found one or two of you on that Vancouver trip. If I can, I will try to scan one & email it to you, to add into the pic of you four all grown up..... You are all beautiful, even the one who wasn't born yet....

  3. Oh sweet ailen, I remember your visit to Vancouver to see us, your closest thing to sisters! Your desire for a sister of your own was so clear...if only i'd understood it way back then! I had these two amazing little sisters, and wished for a brother!
    Thanks for your hospitality last month when we were all in town for Gramp's funeral.
    I love you so much and am proud to be your cousin, and sister.