Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'M ANOREXIC! ...or maybe just vain

Don't worry I don't have an eating disorder, just let me explain!

So you know how most girls get eating disorders because the food they eat -or don't- is something in their life that they can control? Well I have pinpointed what it is in my life that I choose to control in the same type of way, and that would be my eyebrows.

I LOVE MY EYEBROWS! I love forming them into slim little strips of hair, so smooth and shaped. It makes me soo happy when they are formed, and upset when they aren't. I realized this a few weeks ago and diagnosed myself with eyebrow anorexia. Not because I'm making them small -NO! Just because they are the part of my life I have easy power over. And no matter where I am I can always pluck my eyebrows :)

Or as the case may be in India... have my eyebrows threaded!

It seriously feels like a zipper across the face! But not as painful. Thank-you my dear Selma for some great eyebrows!



  1. bahahahahahahahah...... sister!
    of course you have perfect eyebrows... and we all know it and envy you for them.

    on a side note - this is so NOT what i expected this post to be about .... hahahah.... :D

  2. Yeah, I was going for the shock factor ;)

  3. Got me! Miss you Kels... was just talking about you the other day; all good, it did not however, include your eyebrows!