Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Indian Wedding

So the best way to explain the excitement of going to and Indian wedding is by showing pictures (and a little movie.)! Which I will do, but first some story time.

In preparation for the wedding all of us girls raided Auntie Elsie's sari closet, and made sure we had the bangles and other accessories to match. Being that the entire population of Canada can be accounted for within a 200km radius of the Farm, we had two weddings to attend in one night. Therefore we had to be very well dressed. Now that you have the background let's take a look!

It was a lot of fun and I have posted a video so that (for people like Lauren) the feel of the experience could be more fully grasped. Here is the link to watch a bit of the first wedding we went to. Just for my friends who are keeping track (I think this is mainly myself, so let's just call this a Kelsey Trivia) ...I have now attended 22 weddings!

P.S. I love saris!


  1. oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like so much fun!!! such a shame i didnt getot seeone!! :( ughrrrr you look gorgeous btw! whos wedding was it, or just some villagers?

    PS> you got a nose stud like the one selma has?!?!??!! i couldnt find any in nepal or india! where did you get it from?!?!?!?!?!

    keep having an awesome time my deary!!! xoxo

  2. Yeah it was one couple just behind the farm, and another down the road. I didn't know any of them but since the first wedding was close all the staff kids came + William and some of he other outside kids I have in dance, so that made it really fun.

    It's one without a stud... just a fake one, so it doesn't count, it just looks like Selma's.

  3. You look AMAZING! All the saris look amazing! I love the henna.
    How fun!

  4. You and your eyebrows look fantastic!!

  5. how can be it be without a stud? how does it stay in your nose? haha xo