Monday, November 8, 2010

The Coolest Cat

Late after work on the nicest September evening of the month, I was given tickets to what my have been the hottest show in town that weekend (although that's a bold statement to make considering this was also the same weekend we went to Mamma Mia and Arcade Fire (blog post to come...))

But it still may have been at least the most unique experience considering the line up

You might not remember him, and with a name like Frederick Ralph Cornelius Penner, you might not think it would be possible that Fred Penner was the only performer that day who had the two most stunning women in the audience ask to take their photo with him

Sure we stuck around to humour the other performers, but mostly because from where we sat, we could see Fred jamming out to k-os, and there's something just way too cool about that...

Sadly, there isn't a single video on the internet of this event (which I find hard to believe), but I've attached a video below that will at least you'll get an idea of how very cool Penner still is and how he can rock out the acoustic guitar at 64.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Penner!

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