Monday, January 17, 2011

The Snow Skirt

Today I came across the most genius invention I've ever seen for cold climate fashionistas.
I know we all want to look our cutest at all times, but sometimes, the -30 temperatures make it impossible. Fashion takes a back seat to function, and the layers get piled on in the interest of staying alive.

I've found the solution, my friends.

Today I saw a mom of two venturing out in the cold, and all three of them were bundled to the brim, but the mom was wearing a different interpretation of snow pants. I was captivated by her look, so much so that I had to ask her

"What are you wearing?"

I didn't mean for it to sound like a rude question, but as I write about it now, it kinda sounds rude... trust me, I had ample time to compliment her on her stylish winter wear as we chatted.

And then she told me "A Snow Skirt!"

Similar to the images above, this mom was wearing her winter boots, pants tucked into her boots, the snow skirt, and then a long cable-knit sweater that came down to her thighs. It was the extra layer of the snow skirt that caught my attention.

She told me that this stylish item designed and hand made by a couple of women in Montreal.

... those classy French Canadians.

So, after doing a little bit of internet research, I found the Etsy site for Fantasy World Heroes, and the inventor of the Snow Skirt, Stephanie says that it's "an outer layer you wear over anything, just like snowpants but MUCH more stylish"

And that her mission is to "Bring the snowskirt to all (cold) corners of the planet and save the world from chill and unstylishness."

I'm glad there's finally some fantasy world heroes saving the world from sad, frumpy winter outfits!

... i think i need one.


  1. YES!!!!!!!
    You need one, I need one, Karen needs one, Caitlin, Mom, Kirstie, Regan, Sydney, Ammie, Emma, EVERYONE!!!!!!!

  2. I designed a pattern for sewing your own snow skirt. If you are interested you can see photos and read about the skirt at my blog

    Any questions - send me an email!

    Thanks, Debby