Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thoughts From Places: Banbassa

By this time, I have left the small town of Banbassa and am in Delhi doing some shopping. Yet in actuality, as I am writing this, I'm sitting on the roof of the Small Boy's Hostel surrounded by the sounds of Cricket, and motorbikes, laughter, tears, and every sound that the kids here make when they have a bit of free time. As of now there is not enough separation between myself and what I may have learned during my stay on the Farm.

All I know is that I love it here, and I wish that I knew if or when I will be coming back. I'm not sure if I am able to say what it is specifically that makes me love it here. Many of my good friends know that I believe I'm only truly good at one thing: Loving people.

That's all I wanted to do when I left Canada to come to India. I think that the Farm has simply given me the opportunity to love. In different ways to different people of course, but the beauty of it is being able to interact with those people in one place.

But the time has come (“The Walrus said...”) to leave. Which I am ok with. It's hard, and no amount of contemplation is going to make tearing myself away from this place any easier. But I have come to understand goodbyes as a wonderfully heartbreaking beautiful thing. The only thing I am afraid of is this: I don't know if the kids here realize how much I love them. They see people come and go so often, many of whom make promises that aren't kept (like “Of course I'll be back! Next year, even.”), and so trust in another person's love... a person who they may never see again... is something that can be very easily broken. Perhaps the only thing I can do is try to remind them, as often as I can, from across the world, that no, I haven't forgotten them, and yes, they still mean the world to me.

...and perhaps many of us need to do that with friends at home. The ones who are close in proximity, but no effort has been made to remind them that:

No, I haven't forgotten you & Yes, you still do mean the world to me.

Strong Farm, I love you, and already miss you.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I've been gone from Strong Farm for over six months and I still think of those kids every day. From what I hear, Kelsey, the kids know how you feel and they will never forget you. Safe travels and a speedy return.

    John Marshall
    Maine, USA

  2. Oh Kels, you have made a difference! Safe journey home.