Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh Brother.

Kelsey has mentioned this fact once or twice before that we have brothers. We love our brothers, and we don't mean to exclude them from our blog, it's just that our brothers are so very different than us sisters. We are interested in all of the opposite things, you wouldn't even guess that we were from the same family.

Here, I'll prove it to you.

1) Outfits
The sisters in our family like to pretend sometimes (... okay, often) that we know something about fashion. We enjoy pulling together interesting outfits and then posing as someone else takes our pictures.

Our brothers would not be caught dead pretending that they're models.

2) Shoes
We sisters understand and appreciate how the right shoe can complete an entire outfit. Shoes are of the utmost importance when dressing up for an event, and when we pose for photos, we're always sure to instruct the photographer (in unison) to "GET THE FEET!"

Our brothers, on the other hand, would never insist that a photographer take a photo of their shoe(s).

3) Accessories
When dressing up for an event, us sisters will take great care in choosing our outfits and accessories according to the nature and theme of the event. We are the chameleons of an event - if there is a theme to be had, we'll embrace it fully, down to the last detail of our outfits.

Our brothers just throw on whatever outfit they have lying around.

See? We're nothing alike.


  1. HaHa! Very cute, your brothers will be so happy to be included. ;-)