Friday, June 18, 2010

Little Guys

So since Sunday night I have been house sitting for my Grandma and Grandpa. To keep myself occupied I decided to help out my big brother Skylar. You see, Skylar has gotten into a new hobby that consists of moving little Lord of The Rings models around in battles against other people who like to play this game....
ANYWAY! All of these little guys have to be painted. So THAT is what I have been doing.
Now I have no way of uploading photos of the work that I have done this week, but these pictures are of the work that my brother has done.
More importantly Galadriel, Lady of The Wood is in these photos.

I am very jealous of my brother getting to paint Galadriel. I would've killed for that task! However, I must say that Skylar did a pretty awesome job, despite the fact that he lacks skills in fashion sense.

You see The Lady of The Wood has impeccable taste. After all, with her powers and all those guys around her, she has to be the best looking thing on the battlefield!
Pictures of my work coming soon!!!

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