Friday, June 25, 2010


I just spent two days with my good friend Whitney. Whitney is a Lolita.

Lolita: a Japanese founded lifestyle and fashion subculture based on the Victorian and Rococo era ways of life.

As a Lolita one is expected to be a self-assured young lady who presents herself with dignity and grace and as such encourages those around her to do the same.

"I have chosen to be a Lolita because of my unwavering connection to the old ways of behavior, lifestyle and dress. I was originally part of a very similar style called Aristocratic, or more commonly known, Neo-Victorian, steam punk style that was far more dark than Lolita." Whitney went on to explain her shift from the one style to her current. "Lolita, I discovered had the same elements, but rather than dwelling in the darkness of maturity that Aristocratic style held, Lolita made life like candy."
"Being a Lolita has taught me to hold myself high as a woman. To not take life too seriously, but to celebrate it with beauty."

So to celebrate we had a photo shoot with some of the branches of the Lolita style!

Aristocratic Lolita: mature lady's style of the 1800's, Industrial Revolution

Sweet Lolita: most popular in Japan, bubblegum, girlie

Country Lolita: Dorthy & Anne inspired, braids, gingham

Shiro Lolita: "shiro" is Japanese for "white", angelic, pure

Gothic Lolita: more common in the west, dark, black & white, some red

Classic Lolita: floral & tea cup patterns

And then we had tea!

Special thanks to Lilly and August, Whitney's dolls who joined in on the fun :)


  1. None of these are really "lolita." Don't get me wrong though, all of these outfits are cute in themselves, and you can ware whatever you feel comfortable in, just dont call them "lolita." Most of these are just made out of ordinary clothes. The only dress that looks slightly lolita is the "gothic" lolita, but even that appears to be ordinary clothing and even looks a bit ita. To get more of the lolita style try to not chose clothing with low neck lines as loli is innocent and modest. Im sorry to say this but I'm posting this comment for helpful, constructive criticism. Good luck on future outfits.