Monday, June 7, 2010

Thanks for Including Me

The phone conversation went like this.

Ailen: Hey, Sister! (abundant noise in the background)
Kel: Hey! Where are you?
Ailen: Um. I'm scouting locations for outfit photos... I'm thinking of starting a blog...

Kel: (silent)
Ailen: Kel? Are you there?
Kel: I already started one for us!
Ailen: What?? When were you planning on telling me?
Kel: I was waiting for an opportune moment...
Ailen: Well... I guess that was it.

And just like that, I found out that "we" had a blog.

I found a great location that I'll likely end up using for multiple outfit photo sessions, but can I just say that this whole business of "taking photos of yourself - by yourself" sucks, and even though I took about a million photos today, only a couple of them turned out to be blog-o-sphere worthy.

Oh, Sister! I almost forgot!
Look what I have


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