Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fine - Have it Your Way

This is us sisters having a fight...

Kel: I still need to see photos of your new hair
Ailen: but you'll have to wait until Friday
Kel: but I'll see you before then, you have to post them before Wednesday
Ailen: but that's not my blog-post day!!
Kel: YOU HAVE TO! I'm waiting.......

Fine, Sister. Have it your way. But for the record, this is an extra special bonus blog-post, and if there is a day that I am stuck for posting content, I am allowed to re-post this one on the date assigned to me without consequence or punishment.

And, no, Sister. You are not allowed to post your Wednesday post on Thursday. You'll just have to figure out something interesting to write about on Wednesday that doesn't have anything to do with the movie that we're going to see and I PROMISE that I will not steal your content on Friday ;)

You're welcome, Sister.
p.s. My stylist is a miracle worker.

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