Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nice Try

Thank-you to my sister for trying to cover me dropping a post yesterday but I was enjoying my time at a wedding up in the hills, with this as the view:

Yeah so Thanks Ai, but I think I need a punishment on this one. I didn't plan ahead, I was spending my time enjoying, dancing, scrambling up foothills, and staring at the Himalayas. OH! Did I mention eating freshly picked oranges?
...Right so, ANYWAYS! Look up Pithoragarh on Google Maps. That's where I was. Also look at the road that leads south to Banbassa/Tanakpur. 'Cause that took six hours... it's 134KM.


  1. Just to let you know that we did check out the road on Google Maps. WOW! I'm sure I (Mama) would have been a wreck.

  2. I was thinking about mom and you traveling on that road the entire time! It would not be a good thing. :)