Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stop. Smell The Roses.

Let yourself fall in love a little bit every day...

I love this story. The Sartorialist is a professional photographer who spends much of his time studying and photographing fashion on the street. I love how he expresses himself in this video.

And my wish for you, dear readers and dear sister, is that you take time to fall in love with a little bit of beauty every day.


  1. This is Mama: I really enjoyed going to the Sartorial site! Great pictures! How do you FIND these things?!?

  2. Hi Mom!
    Glad you liked it.
    The internet is full of interesting and wonderful surprises :)

  3. His blog has been my home page for many many, love, love The Sartorialist!

  4. Sue - you were the one who introduced me to him! I've been in love ever since ;)