Monday, July 5, 2010

"O.k. I'll come if you stop saying that."

My sister and I have to admit something... we're Twilight fans. Now before any judgmental conclusions are made, hear me out.

We are aware of all of the faults in the Twilight Saga. We don't enjoy the Summit Entertainment paraphernalia that has been tossed across the media. We are not a part of the screaming girl club. We don't change our Facebook statuses to Twilight related topics, and we do not have posters plastered on our walls.

That being said, we see the movies as soon as they come out, and see them more than once in theatre. We search the web for new fan made art. We stay up to date with how the movies are progressing, and what Stephenie Meyer is working on.

One of our favorite aspects about the Twilight Saga is the fashion. Stephenie Meyer takes special care in the books to make sure her readers know each character's style. It is from using what Meyer says in the books as a base, that one may create whole lines of clothing based on each character. As an artist, and a person who is fascinated by fashion I have attempted such a task with the dedicated help and inspiration of my sister.

The two of us spend considerable amounts of time talking about the clothing, and accessories that would fit into the different character's style. Mainly we discuss the Cullen family. Their style is best described in the books, and is the most exciting to play around with.

With the release of Eclipse we wanted to involve our brother. He has attempted to be understanding of our Twihardness ever since we agreed to support him in his LOTR Battle Strategy Game obsession. In order for him to come with us to the show he had to dress appropriately. No Twilight actor's faces, no everyday clothes. He had to dress more fashion forward than he has probably ever had to before.

In honor of the wolves having more of a role in Eclipse, we decided to take the styles that we have created for the Cullen family, and turn them into La Push styles. So since I am an Alice on a regular basis then for this event my style was, Alice: La Push. My sister is a Rosalie and so she was, Rosalie: La Push. Our brother, Emmett: La Push.

I did up a few drawings of what we might wear:

Emmett, Rosalie, Alice

This is what we ended up wearing:





And even the actors playing these roles show some similarities:

My sister and I will continue to be Twilight fans, but we won't be caught dead in Twilight merchandise.

P.s. had to post in a hurry more pics coming!

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