Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation Bible School Fashion

So I agreed to help out at my church's VBS program this last week. The theme of the program was the High Seas, so everything down to the decorations were provided by the company. Apparently I am the only person in the world who is unable to successfully iron on a tee shirt design. The image was supposed to look like this:

Mine looked like this:

Not really knowing what to do I wore normal every-day clothes the first day. After I assessed that there were no more iron on transfers, I had a decision to make... So instead of wearing my failed t-shirt project all week, I decided to organize my outfits into High Seas themed designs...

Naturally the first day I chose a sailor look:

Pirate for the second dress-up day:

And lastly, I had wanted to do a shipwrecked look and then discovered that I had this dress in the closet, and so I ended up being the ocean:

The last day of camp I sucked it up, and displayed my mess of an iron on transfer. Hey! Everyone deserved to know why I had dressed so strangely throughout the week!

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