Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fringe Project

In one of the first posts on this blog, my sister mentioned that she's the one who creates clothes, and I'm the one who creates accessories. Unsure of my own capabilities, I didn't believe her at the time...

... however I've noticed over the past couple of months that she's right! I do make accessories (or try to at least).

Hot the heels of her last post, I'd like to show case my most recent home made accessory...
my fringe bracelet.

but first...


I don't really like fringe, and when I first saw Kasmira wearing hers, my face did a few twitches. But she pulled it off so flawlessly, it made me think it was possible:

And then I was drawn wearing a fringe bracelet

I only had a week to either find one, or make one.

A quick trip to the fabric store and a few pin-pricks in my fingers later I had my very own navy fringe bracelet....


And a complete outfit for our epic event, exactly as it was drawn.

Except, you missed drawing the sunglasses, Sister ;)

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