Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Women's Travel Fashion

“Women used to travel with their families or their husbands to set destinations or on orchestrated tours. Now more and more women are interested in getting off the beaten track and wandering the globe, either on their own or with other women."
-James Bond

Ah sister you are headed out for an adventure on your own. What a rebel you are... at least from Mr. Bond's perspective. Of course we must remember that he is, although dashing, a "Misogynistic Dinosaur", to quote a lovely woman of distinction.

Now as women of grace and style we must retain our sense of fashion while dressing sensibly for travel.

While wanting to be comfortable we must not be afraid to stand out and wear the clothing we want to wear. No one says that one cannot be comfortable and fashionable at the same time, and it is my belief that if the clothing makes a woman feel good then she will be comfortable no matter where she is.

Now sister, don't forget to have fun on your journey. After all, how could you not have fun trying on all that Memento Mori jewellery? Try on some for me!

Lastly, I hope you enjoy your canoe trip. :)

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